A luxurious Living Area

The space for relaxation and conversation with friends and family, is proposed by Spar with attention to the latest trends without forgetting more traditional tastes in terms of aesthetics and composition.


Deluxe, a completely different line from all the others, designed to bring luxury and Made in Italy to your home.


Living room furniture in modern style. DayOne is a contemporary living room that, between geometric elements, soft and balanced colors, stands out for its refinement and originality.


Exential is a furnishing system characterized by an innovative design, where up-to-date trends, versatility and balance intertwine to make your relax space unique and cosy.


The Prestige model is our proposal for a romantic and smart living area with a sober and refined taste. Discover all the versions of this composition!


The living room composition Lapis represents a modern furnishing system that pays attention to market trends and to the needs of the entire family.

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