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Exential is a furnishing system characterized by an innovative design, where up-to-date trends, versatility and balance intertwine to make your relax space unique and cosy. A composition combining captivating shapes with refined materials. Exential is a furnishing programme, which not only decorates your room and stores your objects but also displays them. Available in white ash wood, oak and lacquered ash-grey finishings.

Versions of the model

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    Exential T01, is a modular and innovative furniture for the living area, characterized by a minimal and essential design. Available in white ash wood, oak and lacquered ash-grey finishings. Bookcase for the living room, sectional modules to make your lounge area customizable and modern. Innovative and charming shapes mix with materials that make the environment almost traditional. A place to be experienced!

    Exential T02 is a modular furnishing solution for the living area, characterized by innovative materials and design. Bookcase for the living room, sectional modules with essential lines and colours. A composition combining captivating shapes with refined materials. Modern trends, dynamism and comfort are the main characteristics of a modern and versatile living room.

    The Exential T06 version is a trendy furnishing boasting asymmetrical lines and a double storage base units with different heights. An innovating living area composition of white cabinets with sharp front doors and maple wood doors: the combination of materials and colours creates an harmonious living room where you can relax after a hard working day. A unique furnishing system where the design concept combines with the country style.

    Exential T07, a living room furniture with a composition harmonized by column modules and multi-level base. The marriage of stone and wood provides the design with a touch of originality. A striking furniture composition, a mix of original materials and natural colours that make this solution unique in its kind. Stylish furniture for warm and comfortable environments.

    The Exential T09 is a modern living room, with an up-to-date style. The composition of suspended geometrical shaped modules conveys the idea of an environment with a contemporary design. It follows the current market trends, thanks to the bench crossing the right column and, on the opposite side, laying on the white base unit. Versatility and elegance intertwine in this modern composition, in order to make your living room unique.

    Exential T24, a composition with an alternative style, composed of open and closed cabinets decorated with coloured boxes, to provide a touch of happiness and brightness to the modern design. The originality of this composition lies on the wise combination of the different colours, maintaining an elegant and original environment, preserving taste. The choice of colours is extremely fresh and makes this proposal perfect for the needs of young people.

    Exential T35 is a polish white, mat yellow and medium elm finishing composition, with a contemporary style. Thanks to its cabinets assembled in an unusual manner, the structure maintains its style, although it is really funny and charming. Also in this composition, the living area has a versatile and pleasant aspect, perfect to welcome friends and relatives for a day dedicated to relax. The yellow colour, specifically matched with white, makes the structure brighter and cosy.

    Exential T36 is a fascinating soft coloured living room. The design of this contemporary and versatile model creates an unusual yet relaxing composition Spaces are used smartly. The minimal and modern style of the entire Exential collection reveals again, for a unique living room!

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