Our Mission

"Emotion and customer satisfaction are the basis of our design. We therefore produce a wide range of environments designed for life today, combining quality and design at an affordable price.".

The group

Spar is a company with a long history.  We are sold in more than 1,000 furniture stores all over Italy, with furnishings characterised by great sales success. We were born as Spar group in 2000, through the merger of companies that had produced living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms of quality since the end of the 60s.  The roots of the group are thus solid and rooted in the skills of operators which grew over the years in the Pesaro furniture industry. It is an industrial company that combined the craftsmanship of expert Marche workers with entrepreneurial skills, being careful to evolve with times and according to the tastes of consumers.  Through continually updated cutting-edge technology, our Group - under the brand SPAR ARREDA –an extremely wide range of day, night, kitchen and junior options, characterised by modularity, flexibility, attention to materials and design.  All of our collections can be combined with one another in terms of shape and materials. So it is possible for you to decorate the whole house in the same style, counting on the reliability of a large Group and a great price-quality ratio. Furniture stores where you will find our furniture and the exclusive 'Spar Point' showrooms are located all over Italy.
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Spar Arreda worldwide

Spar Arreda is increasingly strengthening and widening its presence abroad. Dynamism, efficiency and reliability are the factors that have enabled the company to meet the needs of clients from different cultures, characterised by quality and Italian design.  The exports are growing quickly, through the opening of stores in several European countries - Russia, Ukraine, the former Baltic Republics, Greece, Romania - in the Mediterranean area - United Arab Emirates - and in Asia - India. The new expansion goals involve China and Australia. Every year, the company takes part to various trade fairs throughout Europe.

Quality and safety of production

The quality of Spar furniture is determined first of all by ‘made in Italy’ production inside the company. In addition, there is a partnership with a selected pool of certified and internationally recognised suppliers. All furnishings are subjected to periodic tests on materials, functionality and resistance to wear and tear within the company and then they undergo stringent checks and tests according to existing regulations put in place by national Italian warranty institutions. Seriousness, transparency, extreme attention to detail, careful selection of suppliers and respect for the environment with the use of ecological panels, testify to the company’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence in quality and safety.

Spar Arreda

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For over 30 years we have been manufacturing a wide range of home furnishing solutions.