Tokyo kitchen

Tokyo is a modern kitchen with a sober and minimal style. Among the modern kitchens manufactured by Spar, Tokyo is the model capable of creating a living space where you feel enveloped and protected, ideal for a life shared with family and friends. Its geometric shapes, together with a modern character and contemporary details, make it the ideal kitchen for a wide range of space and functional needs.

Versions of the model

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  • Tokyo 04

    The Tokyo 04 version is a version of the Tokyo model with linear geometries made even more elegant by the contrast between white elm and lacquer. This minimalist style kitchen is characterized by a steel hood over an efficient central peninsula. It is possible to note that, in the upper and lower part of this version of the Tokyo model, rectangular doors, joined by a hanging column on the right, are arranged in a balanced and parallel manner, creating practicality and harmony. The sensation aroused by the continuity between the kitchen and the living room area is that of finding yourself in a comfortable and functional environment. Ideal for an open space plan.

  • Tokyo 12

    The Tokyo 12 version expresses the essence of a minimalist design in a modern space made of simple, linear shapes and an open space that suits the needs of a current and sought-after environment. Lightness and simplicity are expressed in the chromatic choices: cappuccino, white, and chocolate elm, as well as its chrome finishes. Tokyo is not just cooking, but thanks to its flexibility with the living room environment, it also becomes a place of conviviality for the family and for guests.

  • Tokyo 16

    Tokyo 16 is a modern kitchen with a simple, young style. Essential in the choice of furnishings, it is functional and elegant, thanks to the vertical-opening doors and flushed steel handles on the profiles. The open cabinet spaces above make the kitchen dynamic, while the chromatic contrasts: earthen elm, white elm, and chocolate elm enhance its lightness and elegance. Inside just a few meters, this solution encloses all the comforts of a modern kitchen, creating a practical space that blends perfectly with the needs of space, speed of use, and cleanliness.

  • Tokyo 20

    The Tokyo 20 model, while maintaining its minimalist, linear, and clean characteristics, as well as its ease in use, is a more flexible and functional environment. The chromatic homogeneity of the Cappuccino elm color, interrupted only by the earthen color matt glass, creates a warm and traditional feel, but one that easily adapts to modern environments. This kitchen, full of medium and large-sized cabinets, an ideal place to store all kinds of utensils, is also equipped with a double oven: microwave and ventilated. The central island is the real plus: it creates a multifunctional support that can be used as a base for simple or elaborate work, as well as a table for full breakfasts or an aperitif when entertaining guests before dinner.

  • Tokyo 30

    Tokyo 30 is a modern kitchen, but with a traditional eco-friendly feel. The contrast of the chromatic colors of cashmere, the cabinets placed on the bottom, and the touch of color given by the top shelves, characterize this minimalist-style kitchen. The environment is lightened by the upper portion of the kitchen, featuring a bookcase, by low and horizontal doors, and by a hood that, with its essential line and steel tube, gives it a contemporary and avant-garde character. The bottom portion, in a soft cashmere color, has low structures, where the refrigerator and oven are at the same height. The large peninsula, which gives a look of stability and pride, makes the kitchen the top room of the house, lived not only by the family in private, but also by guests as a space of conviviality.

  • Tokyo 36

    The Tokyo 36 is characterized by a minimalist, clean design, made elegant by its steel handles and cozy by the use of the Cappuccino-colored elm. The wide surface space is well suited for simple or elaborate work. The overhead hood, attached to the wall, gives an up-to-date look to this modern kitchen, creating an almost futuristic effect. The large drawers and spaces that divide its homogeneity offer a perfect blend of elegance and practicality.

  • Tokyo 44

    The minimalist and clean characteristics of the Tokyo 44 version are exalted by the choice of colors that confer to the geometric and linear shapes of the kitchen hints of elegant simplicity. The white of the surfaces is interrupted by the central peninsula in Cappuccino-colored elm, which almost seems to express a welcoming invitation to the other environments in the home. Light illuminates every surface without encountering obstacles, such as cabinets or shelves. The spaces used for storing objects of ever day use are divided between the recessed wall - with the oven installed in the middle, transmitting that feeling of warmth of a home hearth - and the low, long drawers in the lower portion. The hob is in fiberglass and the hood, which slightly protrudes from the wall, looks almost like a contemporary painting at the center of the scene. This kitchen conveys the purity and elegance of the entire line.

  • Tokyo 50

    The Tokyo 50 is a modern open space kitchen, where the open space redesigns the traditional concepts of living and cooking, creating an environment in which everything finds its place. This kitchen pushes beyond the concept of personalization and lightness, playing between full and empty spaces. The wall, consisting of a double row of gray elm doors, spaced by a double row of white shelves, becomes the ideal place to customize according to your own taste. The hob, sink, oven, and refrigerator are equidistant, giving great freedom of movement and conveying balance and harmony throughout the environment. The combination of the dark gray of the doors on the top reveals a perimeter that is the perfect blend between a minimalist and a more familiar style.

  • Tokyo 56

    Tokyo 56 is the modern kitchen designed for open spaces or large spaces. The environment does not lack dynamism, thanks to a perfect match between the gray-colored elm of the upper portion and the white at the bottom of the cabinet doors below. The kitchen area, which houses sink and hob, ends at one end with a round-shaped peninsula: a supporting element that breaks the linear geometry, adding a touch of refined elegance. Ventilated ovens are at the center of the other wall, with large doors. Even in this combination, Tokyo confirms its flexibility with the living room environment.

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