Merano kitchen

Bright spaces , precius materials and contemporary style, this is the merino kitchen A kitchen to live in the style that suits you best: Merano is the kitchen that combines many ideas and declines them according to your needs, without neglecting functionality. The quality of the materials allows for a versatile furnishing style that does not renounce taste and unleashes all the creativity of a space without limits. The kitchen thus becomes a place for inspiration.

Versions of the model

  • Merano 01
    Cooking is sharing Cooking a good meal to share and immediately sitting at the table, while chatting with the guest already seated. A moment of proximity and exchange possible thanks to the peninsula that gives the kitchen a functional extension and our furniture a different style.
  • merano 02

    Merano 02 The corner of wonders Quality materials and modern design allow your kitchen to find the combinations that best suit your style. Marble and wood streaks combine with colours that display character and creativity, for a kitchen that amazes the eyes and not just the palate.

  • Merano 03

    Minimal and modern Simple shelves enhanced by industrial-style supports give movement and modernity to the space, while the doors are embellished with an aluminium edge. Merano leaves no detail unnoticed.

  • merano 04

    Geometrical playfulness also lends style to the shelves where you can put all the accessories you need for your kitchen in order. Plates, glasses, spices and containers: before you choose, let Merano's design inspire you.

  • merano 05

    Merano 05 Simple, strong, Merano Wood and metal come together to give your kitchen a simple but anything but cold style. It is a modern and functional design, with beautifully crafted materials that give quality to your kitchen without sacrificing the pleasure of furnishing a space that with Merano also becomes a sharing space.

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