Bilbao Kitchen

Bilbao, a classic kitchen with a timeless charm. This kitchen, elegant and naturally harmonious, has a taste of past which immediately warms you up. The classic style and the contemporary functions are the key features of this customizable kitchen. The Bilbao collection, with its versatile compositions, elements and finishes is perfect for those who seek to create an enveloping, yet elegant atmosphere. A kitchen that decorates and helps you rediscovering tradition.

Versions of the model

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  • Bilbao 01

    Bilbao 01 version is a warm, cosy and comfortable classic kitchen. All the comfort and practicality of the composition made of built-in columns, where each element is rationally arranged, from base units to display cabinets, from wall units to columns: all you need is reachable, so that you can easily cut, chop, wash, knead and cook. This composition stands out for its trendy peninsula -an alternative to the traditional table- and for the revisitation of the cupboard which embeds the built-in oven column. A place to share with your dearest one and to be carefully planned since it represents the people who live in it. Today, the kitchen is still the heart of the home.

  • Bilbao 02

    Bilbao 02, a modular classic kitchen with a free and welcoming style. A large window and a bright setting for an inviting and cosy atmosphere, where the kitchen and living room are harmoniously combined. Today the kitchen is not just the space where to prepare your dishes. It is also a container of emotions, a place where you can receive your guests around the big island with table. This version of the classic kitchen is capable of fully exploiting every space, thanks to its exposed and interior shelves, where you can store your kitchen tools making your work always more practical, yet never ordinary. This kitchen is strictly combined with the living room furniture, thus ideal for open spaces and many friends around.

  • Bilbao 03

    In Bilbao 03, wood takes a traditional look, typical of the Italian classic style. A project where everything is perfectly harmonious, focused on the balance between the aesthetic and functional values. A great-effect composition characterized by a cooking space with chimney hood, cabinets that can be fitted with shelves and a peninsula, a practical worktop where you can nonetheless relax, eat or chat. A classic-style kitchen for those who love beauty without excesses.

  • Bilbao 04

    Bilbao 04 is the classic kitchen par excellence: a perfect haven where you will spend your time after intense working days, a place capable of conveying calm and peace, where time seems to have stopped. You will be surrounded by an intimate sense of warmth and heartiness. A friendly atmosphere perfectly underlined by Bilbao character with its shapes and finishes. Tradition to be fully experienced. In this model, the beauty always go along with functionality: the cabinets, the base units and columns enhance the doors and the finish exalts wood grains. The linearity of the composition contributes to the simplification of each operation. The result is a delicate elegance suitable for any environment.

  • Bilbao 05

    Bilbao 05 is a new trend, a return to simplicity, it's the pleasure to get back to tradition and take a pause from contemporaneity. It's recovering genuine past habits and living slower. Bilbao will be your ally, to rediscover the pleasure of conviviality with a classic and elegant style. The Italian tradition lives again in this strong-personality kitchen that goes through trends and lasts over time. Tradition is in the big hood with decorated frame, in the glass door cabinets veiling kitchen tools, in the big cupboard and, obviously, in the choice of the white colour exalting wood grains and lightning the room. A composition that gives importance to functionality, to simplify your everyday gestures.

  • Bilbao 06

    The Bilbao 06 version is a classic kitchen with the typical warmth of past times that can adapted to the current city requirements thanks to its modern features. What is the secret? We maintained the classic stylistic code, adding contemporary electronic appliances and highly-functional accessories. This way, Bilbao stages a real scenographic composition where the central island is the protagonist: a really wide worktop where you can chop, cut, mix and give vent to your creativity. The lower section is equipped with wide drawers where everything is neatly stored and at hand. A classic style kitchen characterized by pleasant lines and mild colours, particular finishes and more traditional accessories like the plate rack. The dark marble countertop and the white furniture create a sophisticated effect, with a strong visual impact. The marble is also used for the big retro washbasin, typical of old times kitchens.

  • Bilbao 07

    Bilbao 07 is the classic kitchen that can make your dreams come true: your home, your family, a story full of memories and tradition. Bilbao introduces the traditional kitchen model taking inspiration from the Italian 1900s, where this room was the beating heart of the entire family. A mood also underlined by the walnut finish, communicating a sense of robustness. At the centre of this kitchen there is the big chimney hood, which is not only an operational element, but has a strong expositive function. All around the cooking area, the base and wall units have the function of storing and preserving your objects. A timeless kitchen with a unique character!

  • Bilbao 08

    Everything turns around the kitchen if your kitchen is Bilbao 08: a convivial space to be fully exploited. A classic and cosy space which pleasantly interacts with the living room, creating an open space with no interruptions. Wooden door or moulded glass cabinets, undercabinets, base units, hoods and hobs are some of the elements that can be flexibly chosen to create multiple functional and aesthetic solutions. Bilbao is designed for those who care about quality/price ratio, but above all believe that it is important to make things in the best possible way. The word 'tradition' here does not simply refer to the style, but also to everything that is connected to a reassuring past. All the elements, from the hood to the big table, from the storage elements to the bronze handles help preserve the magic of a typical elegant countryside villa.

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