Perugia kitchen

Perugia is the perfect kitchen for those who love the classic style: elegant, cosy and with a timeless taste. A kitchen capable of conveying a warm and comfortable atmosphere to your Home. A place where you will not only re-invent traditional recipes or create new ones but also chat and relax with your family and friends Perugia is available in various customizable versions and colours that illuminate the environment and make it welcoming.

Versions of the model

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  • Perugia 02

    If you like the country style for your furniture, the best choice is Perugia 02, a kitchen with a classic soul and a fresh coloured aspect that confer brightness and make it an appealing part of your home. This furnishing solution is particularly appreciated by those who prefer a traditional yet elegant style. The décapé doors coupled with practical brass and ceramic handles provide a rustic and traditional touch to this Made-in-Italy kitchen. The worktop stretches out into a peninsula which is meant for family breakfasts or small talks with friends in front of a coffee and, why not, a delicious slice of cake.

  • Perugia 06

    Perugia 06 is an optimum alternative to the Italian traditional classic kitchens. The doors with wooden finish combined with a stone worktop enrich this linear and ergonomic kitchen, where cabinets and base units allow the best use of all the spaces. Each single detail makes this kitchen unique: an ideal furnishing solution for tradition lovers with some originality needs. The plates shelf or the small wine cellar found on the right side of the structure make the environment homey and welcoming. Space is fully exploited and movements are functional and relaxed.

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